Steph:Gotta love friendly neighbors!

Productivity was at an all time high today. We started off like every other day with our combine and the farmer’s combine along with a grain cart and two semis. By 4 p.m., we had four semis and three combines thanks to some friendly neighbors who finished early. We still only had one grain cart so that kept things interesting. We ended up knocking out 500 acres during the later afternoon/evening with the extra equipment. Our moisture averaged 10.5 percent and the yield in the 50s.

Every evening when the lunch wagons arrive, the people at the end of the field multiply within minutes. Neighbors and people who just want to check out what’s going on stop by and soon enough, it becomes a social event! Here’s a funny little story from an event the other night: My Mom was talking with our farmer’s wife and daughter. The daughter is 8 years old and tells everyone that one day, she will be a model/actress and be rolling through Hobart, Okla. in her limousine. Now knowing this, imagine this little girl staring at my Mom and listening intently to her talk and after a few minutes say “You talk funny!” The farmer’s wife laughs and replies “You think she’s bad, wait till you hear Bob!” It is true, my Dad’s accent is way thicker. Being from North Dakota, we do tend to draw out our O’s a little longer than most and when surrounded by southern drawls, it is even more obvious. We are only 60 miles from Canada so even though I resent the jokes that we are practically from there, we are about as far north as one can get.

Heading to our last couple hundred acres tomorrow, fixing to head to northern Okla. on Tuesday!

SO-Hobart, OKla.
Fueling up the combine. Sibling bonding at its finest.

SO-Hobart, Okla.
Our new friend, Reed, telling Mom tall tales on the tailgate.

SO-Hobart, Okla.
There are only so many comfortable positions in a combine. You end up experimenting.

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