Steph: Making some tracks

The circus better know as Osowski Ag Service has officially changed location. We are now in Helena, Okla. After getting all the equipment loaded, getting the camper packed away, and paying all our bills, we ended up leaving Hobart around 2pm. We arrived in Helena around 5pm, practically threw the equipment off the trailers and were back in the field again. This job is a job we have had for 26 years so we know where all the mud holes and back roads are. Our yields tonight were in the 40s and our test weight was 60 pounds which is fantastic compared to last year, which averaged 24 bushels per acre.



How would you like to meet our wide load on the road?


SO-Helena, Okla.

My dad in the combine, getting right back at it.


SO-Helena, Okla.

The humidity in the air made it tough earlier than we would have liked but still got enough done in those few hours to feel accomplished.

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