Jada: Here there and everywhere

The past day Hoffman Harvesting has been here there and everywhere- or it has at least felt that way. We moved the rest of our machinery and our campers from Kiowa, Kan. to the Pratt Kan. area today. Now we are split two ways: North and South of Pratt.

The day was extremely busy, but harvest came to a quick halt as forecasted rain actually struck! Since we have been escaping rain forecasts for the past week, we weren’t surprised it finally caught up with us. I am not sure of how much rain the storm produced but there was some flash flooding in Pratt during the storm and a small amount of hail fell north of town.

The poor farmer’s north of town can’t get a break. They didn’t receive enough rain for their crop when they needed it most and now hail fell at harvest time. The rainfall and winds were too strong to assess if and how much damage there was to our farmer’s fields, we’ll have to reserve our inspection for tomorrow.

Leon works out of his office

Leon in his office.

A combine cuts out a terrace in Kiowa

One of our combines cuts out a terrace.
Cutting on the skyline

Cutting as the sun sets.
Kaidence has a chat with Ali Thurman of Thurman Harvesting

Kaidence enraptured in conversation with Ali of Thurman Harvesting.

The view of the sky in Pratt Kan

A nasty storm brewed in the Pratt, Kan. area this evening halting our harvest.

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