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The Z Crew: Shattuck, Oklahoma

We were in Kansas, driving down the highway headed to Oklahoma, when we heard it. It was the sound of the National Weather Service’s storm alert saying that there was a severe thunderstorm watch. For us, we only hear that sound in the summer, so it was the signal that harvest was truly beginning. That sound was quite an exciting signal, that’s for sure. It meant that we were on our way to cool, summer nights in the field, iced tea on hot afternoons, and just being on the wheat run in general.

Like I was saying, yes, our wheat harvest is just beginning. We had to hang back home to finish school and even missed out on Mom and Dad’s first stop in Texas. So, we met up with them (Tuesday, May 29) at their spot in Oklahoma. We unpacked our clothes that were stuffed into plastic bags, ordered pizza from next door, and immediately headed out to the field to go see Mom and Dad. It feels good to be reunited.

The wheat here in Oklahoma has been averaging 62 to 63 pound test weight. The wheat here has good height and is standing well. Cutting conditions have been dry. The yields have been all over the board, depending on how hard the wheat was grazed; 25 to 40 bushels per acre.

We have about two and a half more days here, so our second job will soon be coming to an end.

trip south - callie and taylor
Callie and Taylor ready to head South for the season.

Taylor and Callie stop for a picture as they cross the Oklahoma line. Almost to Mom and Dad!

trailer house mess
After we arrived at the trailer house we had quite the task ahead of us trying to find a place for everything we packed for the summer.

moving fields
Mom follows the combine pulling the header to her truck right before they moved fields.

storm clouds
Large storm clouds lingered in the East and thankfully stayed there.

Combine past sunset
Dad drives the combine pulling the header out of the field to head to the next spot to cut.

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