Jada: Nancy Ebert: A woman of harvest

Nancy Ebert, a fellow custom harvester, stopped by my camper the other day with one request- a story. At the U.S. Custom Harvester’s Convention, she told stories of women of harvest during the women’s luncheon. Her hope is to compile more stories in addition to the ones she told and make a book of the stories. The proceeds would go back to the U.S. Custom Harvester’s scholarship program.

Nancy Ebert a woman of harvest

A visit from campground neighbor, Nancy Ebert of Ebert Harvesting based out of North Dakota.

No matter if a woman is at home with a job waiting for her husband to call, in the field working beside her family or cooking in the camper with her children, women are a vital part of harvest. While some of her stories include men, Nancy’s main goal is to acquire stories about the women of harvest in order to document our history and further explain the roles women have in harvest. This book is not solely reserved for custom harvesters, but women who are involved with harvest in some aspect of their life.

Nancy’s inspiration for the project was because we have lost some special women of harvest who embodied what we do. Having lost family members too, Ebert wondered what would happen to these stories if they weren’t documented. She set out to do exactly that. If you receive a knock on your door and a request for a story, I hope you’ll be as pleasantly surprised as I was.

If you feel like you have a meaningful, heartfelt story(s) to tell about a woman of harvest don’t wait for a knock, please email Nancy at eberts@ndsupernet.com. With this book, women of harvest could show a part of the agriculture industry that little know of unless they experienced it themselves firsthand. While the project is a work in progress, I am looking forward to getting my hands on the finished product. You just can’t find a publication like this anywhere and who better to write the book then the women of harvest.

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