All Aboard Harvest | Jada: A testing war
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Jada: A testing war

All around our campground harvesters are gone. It seems they are able to harvest because it’s a ghost town here today. I look out of my camper window with the anticipation of seeing tumbleweeds rolling by our dirt road that runs through the center of our campground while the theme song of “The Good the Bad and the Ugly” plays in my head; but, there unfortunately isn’t any wind and this isn’t a western movie.

When we arent working pickups and service trucks line this road of our campground today its a ghost town- JB
When we arent working pickups and service trucks line this road of our campground today its a ghost town.

It makes harvesters antsy to see everyone gone cutting and not being able to cut. The hardest part about a day like today is testing wheat that is so close to being able to be cut but so far away. I like days where things are as black and white as old western movies: you can either cut or you know you are unable too. These iffy days are not fun because sometimes you can waste your entire day testing.

Testing wheat north of Pratt the dust lingered due to the lack of wind
While testing wheat north of Pratt, the dust lingered due to the lack of wind

Today moisture almost won our testing war. Temperatures in the 90’s were just barely enough for our wheat to the North of Pratt to dry out. Unfortunately, we only got 2 hours of cutting in. High humidity and lack of wind were to blame. Tomorrow, we will try once again in the South as we were unable to cut there. I am sure we’ll be able to win our moisture shoot out as it was in the upper 14’s this evening- just slightly higher than where we need it to be at- 13.5. The good part is we are not needed at our next stop for at least another week and a day of drying will help us from having to run on wet ground.

What I am digging today……….! Tillman’s wheat harvest set-up.

Tillman's Custom Wheat Harvest

Talk about talent! Tillman is a 9-year old who lives on a farm with his parents near Pocasset in Grady County, Oklahoma.

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  • David Greeley
    Posted at 22:01h, 04 June

    That rain Sunday morning that moved through southern Kansas didnt help harvesters much

    • sharon and harry drake
      Posted at 22:53h, 04 June

      What little rain we had would hardly make a wet spot on the ground,but heavy dew this morning North of Arkansas City,ks. Some cutting west of Ark. City.
      Tillmann good job,bet you have more trucks. sharon

  • sharon and harry drake
    Posted at 22:49h, 04 June

    Yes, and the rain was hardly enough to make a wet spot on the ground.Sure was humid though and heavy dew here north of Arkansas City,Ks. Some cutting this afternoon west of Ark. City Good job Tillman. I bet you have more trucks.Sharon

  • Linda
    Posted at 17:15h, 08 June

    Nice to see model harvesting outfits.