Z Crew: Small Town Comforts

Shattuck, Okla. – Small town cafes are hard to beat. You know, the ones with local pictures and signs with witty sayings hanging on the walls. The food tastes like home-cooked meals and the people working there greet you with a big smile when you walk in the door. Ok, so, maybe you don’t know what kind of café I’m talking about, and that, my friend, is why I feel bad for you. Those small town cafes are becoming a thing of the past.

In fact, that was one of our main discussions while we were eating lunch at a local cafe in Arnett, Okla. The tables at this café were so worn that you couldn’t even see the original designs of the table top. It makes sense why they were so worn, though. Harvesters, farmers, and other locals have settled down in those booths and tables to have a drink of coffee, lunch, or just to visit for years. Thinking about this, Mom and Dad started reminiscing on the days when they went on harvest as kids. They talked about how cafes were the only place to eat in those small harvest towns. How they would fill up with locals and harvesters on the days when the wheat couldn’t be cut. How they became more than just a place to get a bite to eat. I guess it makes somebody my age appreciate the fact that I get the chance to eat at these small cafes once in awhile before they really do become a thing of the past.

Mom and Dad finished cutting yesterday late at night. Thankfully they beat the storms that were headed our way by only half an hour. Before we can move to our next stop (Deerfield, Kan), Dad’s got maintenance to do on the trucks, as well as the usual cleaning of the equipment. I’m definitely looking forward to moving on to a new stop and new adventures.

cafe table z crew

Above is a picture of the worn tables. We appreciate the good times they’ve seen.

food z crew

Yummy food on a hot working day!

morning z crew

Dad and Taylor do maintenance to get the combine prepped for a sample.

new field z crew

Dad opening a new field.

relaxing z crew

Callie trying to stay out of the hot summer sun.

old combine z crew

Here’s something that’s definitely changed over the years!

dumping z crew

Technology really has changed everything.

storm z crew
And there’s that storm that rolled in the other night! Thankfully it wasn’t too serious!

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