Jada: A proper day of harvest proves different circumstances

Hoffman Harvesting was able to once again get in the fields for a more proper day of harvesting. We are cutting north and south of Pratt and you would not believe how different our circumstances are. North of Pratt is drier but there wasn’t any wind making it hard for the operators to see.

South of town was windy, muddy and muddled with problems of where to drive so the grain cart doesn’t get stuck. Let’s just say some of the boys got to play in the mud today. While it sounds like great fun to kids like Kaidence who aren’t afraid to get dirty, it vamps up the stress level for our operators. Here are some photos of our day.

Bux dumps at the Iuka elevator

Bux waves hello as I snap a photo of him at the Iuka, Kan. Elevator.

Callum cuts north of Pratt

The only picture north of town that you can actually see the combine. It’s not fun to operate a combine when the dust lingers around it.

Evidence of the past weeks rain show in our field

It’s amazing what these combines can cut through. A view from the combine shows we’re cutting through setting water.

Kaidence enjoys the mud a little too much

Okay, mom, I smiled. Now can you turn back around so I can go back to playing in the mud?!

The sunset on our cut field

Finishing up a field at sunset. What a beautiful way to end the day. I’ll never get tired of  the beautiful sunsets we get to enjoy from the field. Unfortunately, the photos never do them justice.

What I am digging today…….. this photo of Montana helping rescue a baby deer from being engulfed by our Deere header.

Saving a baby deer from getting caught in the header

The baby deer made a shrill noise during the entire rescue making the guys fear the mom was going to go in attack mode to rescue her baby; however, the mom remained hidden from their sights. Leon took the baby deer to a safe place- the trees bordering our field- in hopes it would be reunited with his mommy. No Deeres, deer or Hoffman Harvesting crew members were injured in this rescue mission.

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