Emma: Elk City, Check!

The Misener crew has finished cutting wheat around home, and it has been a lovely crop. The wheat is just so much better than last year averaging 33 bushels per acre, 10.5 percent moisture and 61 pound test weight.

These results are a far cry from last year’s six bushel per acre wheat due to drought conditions last year. The good news here is it has been raining and getting moisture here or there will help in the long run. In the past week we had .30 inch and it has remained humid. With temperatures in the triple digits and 80 to 90 percent humidity it has been a hot working environment.

We’ve had a couple huge fans running in the shop, but sometimes that’s not enough to keep us cool. We keep the water jugs at an arms length to stay hydrated, because being

Harvest Sunset

Leslie on the combine
Leslie on the feeder house 🙂

Leslie's Superman!
Leslie and Dan having fun!

Until we find more harvesting work, we’ll be kept busy enough around the shop doing odds and ends. With the early harvest this year, much of the wheat has been ripening all at the same time from Texas to Kansas. With our farmer in Kansas retiring this year, we haven’t been able to pick up any extra work to fill our schedule.

To pass the time we’ll be doing what we do best and that is doing any job the best we know how while flying by the seat of our pants.

Be safe and God bless!

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