Z Crew: Gettin’ Up, Headed Out

Shattuck, Okla.-We have a break in the action, so I thought I would give a quick update since we haven’t written about anything in a while.

There’s not much of a hurry to move to Kansas due to green wheat, however, there’s not enough time here in Oklahoma to pick up some extra acres. This equals quite a bit of extra time in the trailer house. We’ve really been catching up on our DVDs. Taylor and I have resorted to making bracelets. I think it’s safe to say that everybody’s ready to get to Kansas and start working again.

On Saturday we finished cutting, thankfully beating the rain. Sunday was a day of hanging out in the trailer. Monday, we had to take one of our trucks to Woodward for maintenance, which then included a trip to Oklahoma City for a part. We were going to leave for Kansas on Wednesday; however, rain didn’t let that happen. So, here we are today, getting ready to make the move to Kansas. Vacuuming vehicles out have been us girls’ main event of the day.
Killin Time Z Crew

This Yahtzee game was getting a little bit intense.

Vacuuming Z Crew

Callie cleaning out the pickup.

Cleaning Z Crew

That’s all for now! We’ll see you in Kansas!
Stay golden, Ponyboy.
(The Outsiders? You know, because it took place in Oklahoma? No? Alright.)

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