Emma: Rainy Day Projects

Since Elk City harvest is over and we don’t have any jobs lined up yet we’ve been doing projects in the shop. These projects include cleaning, taking the scrap iron out, and getting organized.

Here’s a few pictures of our shop projects.

August, Vincent and Dan getting ready to haul our scrap iron away
Vincent, August and Dan getting ready to dump our scrap iron into the little trailer.

Vincent and August loading up the trailer

Abby learning how to cut with a torch
Abby using the torch for the first time. She actually did a really good job!

Vincent cuts the scrap iron down to size while August holds it for him
August and Vincent cutting scrap iron down to acceptable size.

We had a pallet that needed to go to the trash so Abby and I decided that instead of throwing it in the dumpster we would take it apart for firewood. First we had to get all the nails out and this proved to be a bit of a challenge. Those nails were not wanting to come out of the boards. I don’t feel like a wimp, and I know Abby isn’t one—but those nails were getting the best of us. (Vincent thought this would be a good photo opportunity). Vincent laughed at us, and when he just couldn’t bare to watch anymore he took the hammer and all the nails came out perfectly. I guess he has the magic touch.

Abby and I and Rainy Day chores!

August was trying his best to get the nails out with his pliers.

Abby sorting literature
Abby then moved onto the next project: sorting literature. You see all of those filing cabinets in the back? They are all plum full. My Dad was quite a collector.

I love being in the field, combining, unloading, and watching the wheat come in, but there is something about doing little projects here and there. Sometimes it can become a little tedious, but I just have to remember that these are the things that make life more interesting.

Be safe and God bless.

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