Jada: Visits from friends from the north

Hoffman Harvesting continues to cut in Pratt, Kan. The wheat yields are ranging from 35 to 60 bu/ac. because the area received scattered rain showers. These rains made all the difference in farmer’s yields this year. Some hail and strong wind  between Sawyer and Iuka had an even greater affect on some wheat yields- the wheat essentially shattered.

James opens up a new field

James opens up a new field in the Coates area.

The guys fire up their lights at dusk

The combines turn on their lights as it turns dark.

The other day we received a visit from John Deere friends in the field. The group consisted of AMS consultants from our dealership network C&B Operations. AMS stands for Agriculture Management Systems and includes all the technologies in John Deere equipment such as guidance systems (GPS), Green Star displays, receivers and signals. The group’s goal was to do research on the new technology in the machines to stay abreast and see the technology in action first hand. We enjoy having company in the field. One of our visitors was Duane Simon who happens to live close to our home town.

John Deere group visit
Pictured L to R:

1. Wes Donahoo – Rexburg, Idaho AMS Consultant C&B Operations

2. Keith Frick – Fairmont, MN AMS Consultant C&B Operations

3. John Buchl – Billings, Montana AMS Consultant C&B Operations

4. Adam Squires – Freeman, SD AMS Consultant C&B Operations

5. Jeff Buyck – Pipestone MN Integrated Solutions Manager C&B Operations

6. Nate Janssen – Fairmont, MN Integrated Solutions Support Center C&B Operations

7. Duane Simon – Roscoe, SD AMS Consultant C&B Operations

8. Corey Thelan – Mitchell, SD AMS Consultant C&B Operations

What I am digging today…… visiting the Schemper girls and boy of Jerrad and Dawn from Schemper Harvesting (pronounced Skemper) based out of Holdredge, NE. It’s always fun to visit with harvest friends. These are the moments that make harvest.

A visit from the Schempers

Sabrina, Samantha, Sierra holding baby brother Sawyer, Kaidence and Sophia take time out from the fun for a quick photo.

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