All Aboard Harvest | Jada: And that’s a wrap!
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Jada: And that’s a wrap!

Hoffman Harvesting wrapped up harvest in the Pratt, Kansas area today. Tomorrow will be spent washing and loading our machinery so we can make the 3 1/2 hour drive to our next stop- Colby, Kan. We have enjoyed our time spent here but it’s time to make the move to our next stop.  Farmers in the Colby area think harvest will commence on Monday. We’ll arrive just in time to get our headers in the wheat. Here are a couple photos of our last day of harvest here.

Theo and Montana enjoy the beautiful evening weather as they wait for their trucks to be loaded.

Theo and Montana enjoy the sunset and each other’s company while waiting for their trucks to get loaded.
Kaidence takes a ride with Oak and Montana in the tractor

Kaidence takes a ride with her buddies, Oak and Montana.

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  • Chris Gribble
    Posted at 04:01h, 10 June

    Love to keep up to date with the harvest much appreciate time spent by all correspondents.Cut with Neal Faust from Fay in 79 82 86 Hamlin Thomas Pratt Goodland Gurley New England.I think i passed your combines last year in SD and was in New England 20 august only to discover later you were there also. Still growing rice &dryland wheat canola peas at Yenda NSW AUSTRALIA .We have red gear 7120 Fwd and 305 mx &others .Please send a little rain as we have had less than 1 inch since seeding in May.Hope harvest goes well for your crew.

  • hussein
    Posted at 06:26h, 10 June

    i whant to ask you about praises of cutting wheat for farmmers, how you take money from farmmers?

  • Jenny
    Posted at 10:22h, 10 June

    What a beautiful sunset photo! It must be wonderful to travel and harvest together. Great to hear harvest starting on Monday and I hope you all do well.