Steph: Keepin’ occupied

With all this free time we’ve been given, we have came up with an answer to that question that has been haunting all of us. Why does it keep raining? Our ingenious answer: Mother Nature is bound and determined to put us all back on track. Harvest is two weeks earlier than usual but with the rains we’ve been getting lately, we have only been able to cut for two days. In a normal year, we aren’t even considering harvest in northwest Kansas until close to the 4th of July and we’re planning on heading up that way in the next week.

The last week, we have had to ask ourselves a few times what we are actually down here for. I have to say, being parked in a valley on an abandoned farmyard is not exactly the first place that comes to mind for my prime vacation spot. We’ve piddled around with equipment which includes anything from washing to greasing to fueling. We are turning into food connoisseurs for the state of Oklahoma because we’ve traveled near and far to different restaurants friends of ours have raved about just to get out of the trailer for the night. Speaking of which, try Eschen’s in Okarche, Okla. It’s even been on the show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives if you don’t believe me when I say they have fantastic fried chicken.

All our little tourist adventures aside, we did finally get combining again today. The sample we took around noon had 14.2 percent moisture so we weren’t able to start till 2 p.m. but still made for a good day back in the fields. Tests weights have been consistent around 60 pounds per acre. With only 300 odd acres left and a chance of rain on Sunday, the combine can’t seem to cut fast enough.

For how long we’ve been in Oklahoma, we may be forced to take up residency. Gypsies like ourselves aren’t used to being in one spot for so long and we are all getting restless and need a change of scenery. Also, quick shout out to Jet Coop in Jet, Okla. for allowing me to sit in their parking lot and hook onto their wireless internet connection!

SO aftermath
The aftermath of a storm is a lot prettier than the act.

SO Washing
Passing the rainy day.

SO measuring up
Dad and I measuring a bridge that we were factoring into our escape route northbound. Had to make sure our combine trailer would fit through!

SO Back at it
And we’re back in the field.

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