Steph: Improving our track record

Oklahoma- Our track record hasn’t been at all impressive for the last couple weeks but believe it or not, we have gotten through another full day of cutting. That’s two days in a row which is the most consecutive days without rain we have been able to do since we arrived in Helena, Okla. The wind was blowing nicely so it enabled us to continue to cut well into the evening. The combines in the fields surrounding us seem to be wrapping up and we plan to in the next couple days.

The front passenger tire on my truck had a slow leak in it so we took it to town to get fixed only to find out that that slow leak was caused by a cracked rim. We definitely dodged a big safety hazard bullet there. With our speedy service we received at Jet Coop, we were able to get a new rim and have the truck back in the field within a few hours. Our yields have been in the 20s with test weights staying around the 60 pounds per bushel mark. We’ve only got a little over 200 acres left to cut before we will be able to head northbound so we’re crossing out fingers for no breakdowns or mishaps.

Dad looks on as I unload the grain cart into the Peterbilt.

I had to elevator all to myself in the morning/early afternoon. However, all good things come to an end and other harvesters soon caught on.

Trying to finish up so we can move to Kansas.

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