Steph: Loadin’ up and shippin’ out

The day has finally arrived. It is the day we finished cutting in Helena, Okla. and will be on the road again by morning. It’s a good thing too because rumor has it it’s supposed to rain here again tomorrow.  Across the board, the crops here averaged about 25 bushels per acre for our farmer. Dad put me on washing duty for the afternoon. One by one as each piece of equipment was no longer needed to finish the job, they were sent my way into my “washing area”, which was a small shaded area in our farmyard we park in. Everything is now shined up, fueled up and ready to go for morning.

Oklahoma, it’s been real, but there’s no place like Kansas–for all the Wizard of Oz fans!

Dad in the grain cart
Dad in the grain cart heading to unload into the truck after Brandon filled him up. Notice: yellow, green, and red iron all present. 

Brandon cutting
Brandon cuts away our last acres in Helena for 2012 harvest. 

Rainy nightPicture of boys playing hockey: I found this one today and realized I had forgotten to put it up! This was from a rainy night spent with some friends of ours from Russell Harvesting. My brother Brandon plays hockey back home in North Dakota. From left to right: Eric Russell and Brandon having a little showdown. The cardboard box in the background was the makeshift net. Stephanie Osowski

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