Megan: On the move

It’s official – Helena, Oklahoma is finally finished and we could not be more thrilled! As harvesters, our gypsy blood often makes us restless when we’re in a certain place for too long. With all the rain we received in the last couple weeks, Helena kept us around for quite the long stay and undoubtedly intensified our anticipation to get moved up the road. We’re glad all that waiting paid off and our job here is done at last!

Today we pushed the ’98 to the limit and luckily she held through and got ‘er done, even with a bearing on its way out. An intense storm lurked on the horizon for much of the day so we were relieved to finish before the skies let loose. We will load up bright and early in the morning and head to our next stop in Hoxie, Kansas.

In fact, today was successful for all of Roland Harvesting as Brandon finished in Perryton, Texas while James also completed in Plainville, Kansas. Brandon has already loaded up his combine and will start the trek to Hoxie. James was able to make the move and begin cutting upon on arrival to Hoxie today. We are looking forward to reuniting the crew after being separated for the last couple weeks!

Dad fixing header
Dad works on the header before starting for the day.

TR '98 working hard
The ’98 working away in our last field in Helena.

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