Steph: “On the road again”

It’s hard not to find yourself singing “On The Road Again” in your head every time you travel from stop to stop. Traveling conditions made for a very long day. We only went 250 miles but it felt like a thousand. Our travel route sent us straight through a major oil area of northern Okla. and you could not make the roads any narrower or bumpier if your life depended on it. That part of the trip lasted 40 long, treacherous miles.

Our one last once over of the equipment and trailers resulted in the realization that we were missing a very large supporting beam on our combine trailer. Apparently, the pin had bounced out of its position which in turn caused the beam to slide out and land in a ditch somewhere between where we loaded equipment and our farmyard/campground. That is about 14 miles of unmowed grass. We drove the route back with all eyes peeled but had no luck. On our way back, Mom spotted some large black thing in the ditch. That ‘black thing’ turned out to be our missing beam. Mom thinks she deserves some kind of reward.

We ended up camping out for the night in Ness City, Kan. Dad got a call from our farmer up in St. Francis, Kan. and turns out they started cutting up there today and we will have to be heading that way in the next day or so. It is unfathomable to think that the wheat is ready there on June 11th. Normally, we celebrate the 4th of July in St. Francis. This is the very reason my internal calendar is completely screwed up.
SO-Helena, Okla.

Mom super excited about finding our missing beam in the ditch!

SO-Helena, Okla.

Words on the wall in the grocery store in Helena, Okla. Don’t worry, we’ll definitely be back!

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