Jada: Dodging Storms

For the past few days Hoffman Harvesting has been dodging storms in the Colby area. It has kept us confused if it’s time to play or work. Last night as I was heading out to the field with supper it sprinkled the whole way out. Then I arrived to our field to discover our combines were still cutting. No substantial rain for us. We did receive a sprinkle later in the evening which kept us from getting in the field early today. The guys got ready for harvest, went swimming, then it was back to the field for an evening harvest. The wheat got tough early and now I hear raindrops falling on our camper as I type this. The weather may have actually caught up with us. . . . I don’t think we dodged this storm.

Marvin and Albertta visit with Leon while I sneak in for the photo

For the first time, I have been able to capture a picture of the Barnett’s. They are camera shy so it took some sneaky camera work and Leon distracting them with conversation.

Opening a new field

Opening up a new field.

Montana in the combine

Montana shows off his skills in the combine.

Moving before it gets dark

Moving to another field before it gets dark.

Storm clouds loom above us

Looming storm clouds have been a permanent fixture for us the last few days.

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