Steph: Some work and a visit

As strange as if feels to say, we started cutting in St. Francis, Kan. yesterday evening, June 13th, around 5pm. We arrived here on Tuesday late so we waited till Wednesday to unload and piddle around with the equipment. Dad used to come here back in the day and he claims that good ol’ St. Franny hasn’t changed since 1983 which is the beauty of these small southern towns we get to call our ‘temporary home’. The straw was green and we were positive that we would have to wait a few days. We were proved very wrong when the moisture test came back at 9.8 percent. The wheat was only ready in two fields though so we were cut short at 6pm this evening. I am happy to report that our yields were averaging 78 bushels per acre in the last field we were able to finish.
SO-St. Francis, KS
Combining away, showing the clouds we’re not afraid.

The time we cut today was enough time for our new friend from the High Plains Journal, Darrin, to come out and pay us a visit! He was able to spend the afternoon filming and taking photos and enjoying fun rides in the equipment.
SO-St. Francis, KS

Darrin from the High Plains Journal experiences a day in the life of Osowski Ag Service. 

About this time of the summer, the camper starts shrinking. I have gotten many comments recently about how they find it amazing that as a family, we can all live together and work together side by side and not want to kill each other after the first week. I really don’t have much of an explanation for this simply because it’s all we know. Brandon and I have grown up with it so we just grin and bear it. Or beat on each other till Mom or Dad intervene but that is a worse case scenario.
SO-St. Francis, KS

I have to say this is the first time we have had such green straw and actually been able to combine.

SO-St. Francis, KS

The High Plains Journal-mobile.

SO-St. Francis, KS

Our lovely elevator in St. Francis, Kan. Everyone is so friendly!

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