Jada: Back at it on Father’s Day!

A June 15 evening rainstorm raged through the Colby area offering us another respite from harvest yesterday. We received approximately a 1/2 inch of rain where we are cutting but were back in the field today as the thirsty ground got rid of any evidence of rain quickly. Weather in the high 90’s and winds made for an optimal harvest day. Wheat is yielding 45 to 75 bu./ ac. Moisture is running 11 to 15.5% and test weights are in the 60’s. A great treat for Kaidence’s dad on Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s Day to all Dads- no matter your chosen trade! I can’t help but get homesick for my Dad on this day because it’s during harvest and most of these days have been celebrated with him on the trail. Instead he’s at home and Kaidence gets to experience this special day of harvest with her daddy in a combine. Fun Fact: Leon’s first Father’s Day was celebrated in Kiowa, Kan. Last year was spent in a tornado shelter in Dighton, Kan. where harvest wasn’t yet underway.

Tire troubles have Leon fixing with the help of Theo and Bux

Bux and Theo look on as Leon works on his tire which was giving him trouble.

Callum in the combine

Callum in the combine.

Johnny cuts by

A view of the action in the field. Johnny leads the way.

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