Steph: Dads and heights

First off, Happy Dad’s Day to all out there! My Dad got the best gift of all: getting to spend the day in the wheat field working side by side with his wonderful children. Cutting went good once we got started at 1pm this afternoon. Test weights were averaging in the 60s and moisture stayed between 11 and 12 percent.

Our farmer has been driving his grain cart for us the last couple fields and is using a tractor with a scoop to pull it. I had this brilliant idea today to have him lift me up in the scoop to get a better angle for some pictures. He took some of the bumpier routes in the field while I was in my spot but all in all, I feel it was a success.

Quote of the Day: “That man is jumpier than a cat on a hot tin roof!”

Harvest tip: When driving combine, if the grain cart drives alongside you and wants you to unload, you unload. No questions asked. No excuses.

SO-St. Francis, Kan.

A new perspective on unloading on the go.

SO-St. Francis, Kan.

To illustrate how high up I was able to go. I nor the equipment were harmed in during this feat.

SO-St. Francis, Kan.

Getting Petey all filled up.

SO-St. Francis, Kan.

Harvest Support came and joined us for Dad’s Day dinner. From left to right: John, Dad, and Monte.

SO-St. Francis, Kan.

Our delicious Dad’s Day dinner consisted of twice baked potatoes, roasted chicken legs, barbecued ribs, creamed corn, and smores brownies for dessert. Made exclusively for Osowski Ag Service and a few select friends by Mama Loree 🙂

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