Jada: Cutting in Colby with triple digit temperature

Hoffman Harvesting continues to harvest in the Colby area. Heat in the triple digits has made the last three days miserable for everyone- including our equipment. In fact, a flat tire on the grain cart proves my point. The combination of the sweltering heat and too much tire pressure in our tire caused it to burst when it swelled with the heat.

High winds are keeping everything dry so we can put in good days of harvest. While it feels like a blow dryer blowing on us, I am glad there is wind as I can’t imagine us not having any wind with this heat. Trouble with our front air conditioner where I cook has made me extra thankful for air conditioning and the repairman who will fix it tomorrow. This makes it unbelievable to know how my Grandma Hoffman was able to cook for a crew in a camper without air conditioning. This was before modern conveniences so you know she didn’t decide to get take-out. She cooked 3 large meals a day and often had to help drive truck which also didn’t always have air conditioning. When she wasn’t working she went to stores to cool off- I don’t blame her! Once again I am thankful for technology and our modern conveniences. We don’t realize how spoiled we are until things don’t work.

A blow out on our grain cart results from high heat and too much tire pressure

Our blow out.

Callum cuts out a terrace.

Callum cuts a terrace out.

Our combines cutting away

The combines cut our way.

What I am digging today…. Alberta’s pies. She makes us some each year and we  enjoy it! This year she made us cherry.Pie from Albertta

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