Southern Plains Begin To Wrap As Nebraska Looks To Begin

Texas– Wet and rainy conditions slowed much of the remaining harvest in the High Plains. Farmers in most other areas were beginning to wrap up wheat and oat harvest, while some harvested wheat fields in the South Central region were already being plowed.

Oklahoma– The state has seen the wheat harvest near its completion. 96 percent of the harvest had been completed by Sunday, 40 points ahead of the five-year average, and plowing was 28 percent complete.

Kansas– Only 20 percent of the crop remains to be harvested, primarily in western Kansas. At 80 percent, the wheat harvest was over two weeks ahead of the previous year at 22 percent and the five-year average at only seven percent. The Northwest District had harvested only a quarter of the wheat acreage by Father’s Day, but most districts were over 90 percent complete. Conditions range from 4 percent very poor, five percent poor, 53 percent fair, 35 percent good, and three percent excellent.

Nebraska– 93 percent of the wheat crop has turned color. Ripened wheat was up to 38 percent, compared to zero last year. Wheat harvested was 11 percent, compared to zero last year. Wheat conditions rated four percent very poor, 16 percent poor, 42 percent fair, 36 percent good, and two percent excellent, well below good to excellent average of 65.

South Dakota– 59 percent of winter wheat has turned color, well ahead of the five- year average of six percent. Spring wheat was at 80 percent headed, with five percent turning color.

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