Jada: Moving in melting temperatures

Today we arrived in Limon, Colorado. Our equipment left early this morning so it didn’t have to sustain a move in the heat of the day. That unfortunately wasn’t the case for our campers. Several things prevented us from leaving early. As a result, we were traveling in the peak of the heat which got up to 113 degrees.

The heat registered on our Fords thermometer during our moving from Colby to Limon

The heat registered on our Ford’s temperature gauge during our move from Colby, Kan. to Limon, Co. Excuse the dirt but high winds in a wheat field make it impossible to keep the interior of your vehicle dust free! : )

We drove slow to prevent any blow outs and let’s just say we were more than happy to arrive in Limon! We may have kissed the ground but the reality of unhooking campers in the heat quickly curbed our happiness. It’s so hot outside, it feels like you are opening the oven to check on food. Thank goodness we had lots of helping hands. Everyone was here to help for once!

Since the elevators are closed today, we plan to get out in the field tomorrow and see if the wheat is ready to harvest. In the meantime, here is a video of some of our field action. Callum is driving combine number 2 which is the main combine featured in this video.

 [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4blDWLrHUA&version=3&hl=en_US]

What I am digging today (or shall I say Kaidence?)….. Kaidence got something fun from Grandma Hoffman in the mail….. a pair of heels. We get our mail sent to us via general delivery and my mom sometimes puts something fun in with our mail. This makes going to pick up our mail at the Post Office a treat. While these heels were meant for playing dress-up, it didn’t stop Kaidence from going outside with them as she drove her tractor around the campground. Who said a gal can’t get dirty and look pretty while doing it?!

Kaidence get heels in the mail

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