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Z Crew: Trying to Beat the Heat in Limon

Limon, CO – On Friday afternoon, the Z Crew made it to Limon, Colorado! Mom and Dad turned back around Friday night for the combine back in Deerfield, KS. They arrived back to Limon on Saturday afternoon. That evening the Z Crew went out to the farmer’s yard to unload the truck and do a few other miscellaneous tasks. When we returned back to the trailer, everyone basically went straight to bed, exhausted from the horrible heat.

Today (Sunday), the Z Crew hasn’t been up to a whole lot. We’re not out in the field today because our farmers, who have combines of their own, decided we’d all get started on Monday. Since we have today (Sunday) off, Mom and Taylor made a quick trip to the local store and Dad and Callie have been watching TV and napping. The KOA pool has also seen us quite a few times in the last couple of days. With today’s temperature at 107, and the rest of the week not looking to let up on this heat, we’ll get right out into the field tomorrow and hopefully speed through our acres here in Colorado.

Z Crew loaded

Mom and Dad sitting next to the Deerfield, KS elevator ready to hit the road to Limon.

Z Crew on the road to Limon

Honestly, there’s not a lot to look at on the drive to Colorado!

Z Crew swimming

Callie waving ‘Hello’ to our All Aboard followers!

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