All Aboard Harvest | Emma: Catching up with Misener Family Harvesters
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Emma: Catching up with Misener Family Harvesters

Just because I’ve been away from the field, doesn’t mean Misener Family Harvesters have been idle. Right after my surgery we picked up a job in the Texas Panhandle. There was still a good share of wheat to be harvested, and the crew was short one with me unable to work.

Dan, Vincent, and August ventured down to the job near Canadian, Texas. They drove back and forth every day which took them just under two hours. They finished the job in about five days, and had one happy customer. The wheat they cut had suffered hail damage, and was in sandy, rough terrain. The 20 bushel average was welcome!

I did feel up to visiting the field one day, but you’ll have to forgive me for forgetting my camera. We traveled a fairly busy highway, then hopped on a smaller highway, then a gravel road, and finally down one of the roughest roads I’ve been on – Bob’s Road. There were nine or 10 cattle guards, lots of twists and turns, ups and downs, and turns for the nearest ranch. I have been to some desolate places, but this was pretty bare. We were in no-mans-land. The terrain is very rough and rocky, and there are bluffs and cattle as far as you can see.

When the Texas job was completed we moved back to Elk City and are preparing for the move north. We’ll be heading up to Gregory, South Dakota. I like going up there, but not looking forward to the triple digits that we’re also having in Oklahoma. The best we can do is stay hydrated!

Be safe and God bless!

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  • Charles M. Gore
    Posted at 09:32h, 28 June

    Be careful and take it easy, do as I say not what I do. I was doing temp duty in Washington, DC in 1974 when I was 29. I had a appendictis and got sick as can be at the National Zoo. I went to the ER in Alexindra, VA late on a Sunday afternoon. The Dr. came to th hospital wearing a tux. A week later I was in the car headed to Chicago. Two weeks later I was under my car doing some work that could have waited. It hurts when a wound tries to tear. On my first heart attack I drove from my mother’s in Arkansas to our house near ST Louis. The markers for a attack were gone by the time I got to the DR, but I was checked and got my second set of stents. The next and last heart attack was 2006. My wife next to forced me to go to the ER. The markers were in the blood and I spent the night in the ICU (intensive torure unit) and got my last stent. The next week my agency had a meeting in Chicago and I went. I just have the hard headed English in my blood line. I am now 66 and in better health than I was at 55 when I retired. I finally am taking better care of myself. Hopefully my son and his wife will produce a grand child for me to spoil. This is another long story.

    Get well soon!!!!!!!!!

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