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Emma: Learning to Deal

Life as a harvester means learning to deal with whatever comes at you. I have grown up with it, but even not so subtle reminders keep me on my toes. Even non-harvesters can relate to dealing with jobs, family, health issues, or life in general. We all have ups and downs and it’s how we choose to deal with those hard times that counts.

About two weeks ago Vincent had a family emergency and had to take off. We are looking forward to him returning, but family is the number one priority.

Saying goodbye to Vincent

Vincent’s quick departure was when we were in Texas picking up the extra acres. It put us in a pickle, but the good Lord was looking out for us because Justin and Cody were able to come down and lend a hand. If we didn’t have them to help I am sure we would have gotten by, but it was sure nice to have them!

Justin first came to work for us in 2004 and had popped in numerous summers since. He now works with elephants and rhinos in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was able to nab a four day weekend and head west to help us out.

Justin's last day
L to R  Me, Mom, Justin and Dan

Saying Goodbye to Justin
Mom says goodbye to Justin so he can get on the road and head back to Arkansas.

Cody has been familiar to the Misener family, but hasn’t yet been on the harvest run. Luckily he was able to get some time off work and make his first trip. It worked out for us, and I’m sure he had fun as well.

Justin and Cody have both gone home, and we’re back to Mom, Dan, August and Me. Once we get all of the loose ends tied up we’ll start our move north, and hopefully by then Vincent will have joined us again.

August and Cody
August and Cody the night before Cody had to leave.

It just goes to show that if you keep a positive attitude, and trust that God knows what He’s doing it will turn out in the end whether you see the benefits right away or not.

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