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Emma: Texas Harvest Pictures

I have been working on getting my pictures in order and uploading. I came across some I didn’t take. I wondered “who took these pictures?” Then it came to me. While I’d been at the hospital I’d asked my brother, Dan, to take some pictures – even though I don’t remember when I asked!

Funny, I guess you tend to forget some things when you’re on the mend.

Here are Dan’s pics. He did the job when I couldn’t. Thanks, Dan. You are the best.

Makin' rounds in Canadian, Texas
As far as the eye can see! This shows a little bit of the terrain I wrote about in my previous post.

The grain cart heading down the field
The grain cart heads toward the truck to unload by way of ‘down the huge hill I go’!

A view from the combine in Texas
A cool pic from the seat of the big, green machine.

Jesse riding in the combine
Jesse was my brother Dan’s passenger through the Texas run.

Be safe and God bless!

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