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We were able to finish our acres in Big Springs, Neb. yesterday afternoon along with get all the equipment loaded up. Let me tell you, loading equipment in the sweltering Nebraska heat is no picnic. Seems we always pick thee hottest days to load equipment.  Maybe we’ll learn to check the forecast one of these times. Yields for this stop ended up averaging 30 bushels per acre with test weights at the 61 mark. Not too shabby.

SO-Big Springs, Neb.

Brandon stands atop our successful load job.

SO-Big Springs, Neb.

Dad cleans chaff out of the header..and throws it at me. No way to treat the camera lady.

Our next stop in Hemingford, Neb. is a little way off so today we decided we would do some marketing. When I say marketing, I mean go into local elevators and try and fish out some more acres to cut. I decided to kill two birds with one stone and get some harvest stats from the the elevators we investigated. Here’s what I got for ya.

Scoular Grain in Sidney, Neb. says they normally bring in around 3 million bushels and they were at 720,000 as of today (June 28th). Most of the grain they are bringing in is dryland so most of the irrigated has yet to be harvested. They are averaging 40+ bushels per acre. (Facts courtesy of Logan Snyder, Michael Stewart and Martha Holstein)

SO-Sidney, Neb.

All smiles at the Scoular elevator!

SO-Sidney, Neb.

From left to right: Michael and Martha. Musta been a good test weight!

Crossroads Co-op in Gurley, Neb. says they have taken in around 1.2 million bushels and will take in 2 million bushels. Harvest is 75% complete around that area with irrigated still a week away. Tests weights are averaging 61-62 pounds per bushel with protein at 10.5. Yields have been from 22 to 55 bushels. (Facts courtesy of Tim McCabe)

Quote of the day: “Luke Bryan is on the radio. There will be silence in this pickup.”

Harvest tip: If you drive by a field and see a grain cart sitting without an operator and a full combine, jump in and help out! Us harvesters need to stick together.

SO-Sidney, Neb.

Brandon hops into the grain cart for a few rounds in Russells wheat field (Gurley, Neb.)

SO-Sidney, Neb.

On our drive, we came across an old military station. These cement mounds were once used to house ammunition during the 1940s. As you can see by the picture, Brandon and I were having a little war of our own. I won, obviously. No one was really injured though, don’t worry. 🙂

SO-Sidney, Neb.

Brandon and his buddy Brady, hangin’ out in the wheat field.

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