Z Crew: Firework-free Fourth

Limon, CO- Normally, I would say that we haven’t had much excitement going on around here, but we actually have. Yesterday, Taylor was able to come back to Colorado after being in San Antonio. Mom and Dad didn’t want her to make the trip alone, so Jenna drove her out here! It’s great to finally have Taylor back, as well as get to see Jenna.

Oh, and Happy Belated Fourth of July! We didn’t do much during the day except play some intense games of tether ball and blow some bubbles with Kaidence. We spent the evening with the Hoffman Crew, which was a lot of fun! It was nice to have some good friends to spend the Fourth with. Also, I’m not sure if I’ve ever been through a Fourth of July when I didn’t hear one firework go off. With the drought in this state, it’s no surprise. Since we couldn’t have fireworks, we decided that some glow sticks and party-poppers would suffice just fine.

Since we’re finished cutting here, and Jenna’s visiting, we hope to talk Mom and Dad into taking us to the mountains tomorrow.

All photo credit goes to Jenna!

Z Crew

Callie’s outfit was patriotic, that’s for sure!

Z Crew

We had fun blowing some bubbles with Kaidence!

Z Crew

Jenna’s a pro at those bubbles.

Z Crew

Callie, Jenna, and Taylor on the Fourth of July. Sisters! 

Z Crew

Kaidence fits right in!

Z Crew

Callie thought the glow sticks looked a lot like laser vision.

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