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Emma: Gregory Bound and a Pit Stop

Misener Family Harvesters left Elk City, Oklahoma to head north to Gregory, South Dakota on June 30. We packed up the shortest convoy we’ve ever had because we didn’t take any combines this time. We are different than most harvesters because to save time and money we store three combines up north, while four combines stay south in Oklahoma.We use the southern combines as we harvest in the south, and we’ll use the other three while we are up north. This arrangement works great for us.

Our short convoy took off, but we only went about 300 miles to Hays, Kan., because we left later than we had planned, and I don’t have as much endurance as I had a month ago. We also stopped in Hays so my sister Katie and her family could meet us. Her daughter, Clara, is going to go north with us.

Our trip to Hays included some family time, mass, and brunch. We even got to sleep in a little bit! While we had some family time we decided to have a pool party. We had so much fun!

L to R Kate, Eve, Martha, Clara, Elizabeth, Lauren, Leslie and August on the top

(L to R) Katie, Evie, Martha, Clara, Elizabeth, Lauren and Leslie with August towards the top of the picture

Dan and Leslie

Dan and Leslie (or Chip his nickname!) enjoying time at the pool 🙂


Little Martha

Granny and Evie

Evie and Granny having fun!


Clara doing a cannon ball!

Tim and Evie

Evie laughing really hard because she jumped to her Daddy (Tim) from the edge.


Lovely Lauren


Evie chillin’ by the side of the pool.

Be safe and God bless!

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