Jada: Heading back to the homefront

On May 10, we were in Texas ready to start harvest. Tomorrow- just 3 days shy of two months- we’ll be heading home to harvest in South Dakota. Our first stop is winter wheat in Gettysburg, South Dakota. For the first time and most likely a rare time, Kaidence will be able to celebrate her July 10 birthday in South Dakota.

Harvest is early this year, that’s for sure. I remember only celebrating 4th of July once prior to this year in Limon, CO. I spent it in Karval at a street dance with my friend, Lindsey Blackwelder. Two of our guys- Callum and Oak- took some of our equipment home and celebrated the fourth at home as did several of our harvest friends. This is unheard of!

We have been enjoying a brief break before we get our headers in the wheat once again. Most of the crew went to Denver as did Leon, Kaidence and I after the 4th. We have been hanging out with many friends including the Z’s. It’s fun to have friends on the road. Other things we have been doing are swimming, shopping, visiting the Children’s Museum mostly spent with my friend, Lindsey Blackwelder and her daughter, Mikaela, or as our family of three. We enjoyed our last meal in Limon with the Johnson family.

Tomorrow it’s back to reality after our break. While it’s hard to believe, my next post will be from South Dakota.

Talk to the hand

Talk to the hand! I must have to talk to Mikaela and Kaidence’s agents before snapping photos!

Mikaela and Kaidence enjoy a giggle

Mikaela Taylor and Kaidence enjoy a giggle from fooling me with the prior pic.

Leon and Kaidence enjoy each others time

Leon and Kaidence enjoy each other’s company.

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