Emma: Rendezvous to Dell Rapids

We have arrived in Gregory, South Dakota. We were able to get camp set up and enjoy the rest of the evening in the cool air conditioning. We’ve made our rounds and touched bases with the surrounding farmers in order to get our plan in order. Once that was done we had to pack up again to head east to pick up one of our combines to bring back to Gregory.

Independence Day meant time spent with good friends, the Price family. Here are a few photos of our fun in this great country


Our 4th of July group
I can’t even tell you all of the people that were there, but it was a fun group!

Dan and Dave
Dan and Dave Price (Papa Dave) chillin’ watching the show.

Andy and Maggie
Andy Price (my adopted brother) and Maggie his fiance.

Mom and I on the 4th of July!
Momma and I 🙂

Fireworks #2

Once the fireworks had settled it was time to get back to work and inspect combines.We have three combines that are stored over the winter in the Dakotas. We need to make sure they are field ready when it is time to hit the field again.

Here are some photos of inspection.

Dan checking the shoe supply bearings
Dan is checking the bearings to make sure they’re all good to go.

Dan and I inspecting combines
It’s my job to make the checklist of things we’ll need to fix like bearings, or belts.This machine only had five or six minor things that needed to be done before we’re ready to cut more wheat.

August taking bolts off to clean the sieves
August takes the sieves out to check for loose or broken fins, and cleaning them.

Once the inspections were complete it was back on the road and headed toward Gregory.

Be safe and God bless!

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