Emma: Cutting Underway in Gregory and a Flying Trip

Wow! We have never made a move to South Dakota at the end of June, much less cut wheat in July. This year has been different, for sure.

Dan and August have been keeping things going on the harvesting side, while Mom has been holding the fort down—like normal. I mentioned in a previous post that Elizabeth and Leslie are back for a while and Clara is around to help Granny out. The girls help with dishes and stir the scrambled eggs for breakfast while Leslie gets to go with Uncle Dan to do big boy stuff. They are just a joy to have around.

In the north country the drought is starting to show. Trees and fall crops are getting crispy. Triple digit temperatures and 20 to 30 mph winds curl crops quickly and change their color. If moisture doesn’t come soon fall harvest may be a little rough going, I’m afraid. With some prayer it may turn around.

On Saturday Vincent and I headed for Atchison, Kan. My sister, Katie, lives there and I surprised her and the rest of the family. We made the fly by trip because a good friend of ours is getting married. The groom, Marty, actually has been on harvest with us in the past. His first year was 2008, and he was back a few years after. He is part of the adopted Misener clan, and I wouldn’t miss his wedding for the world! Mom, Dan and August will be coming later so that we can all celebrate.

I have been having a ton of fun with my nieces. We’ve watched movies, made breakfast and even painted our nails.

Martha, Evie and Lauren
Martha, Evie and Lauren, as you can see, all smiles!

Painted Toes!

Martha and Lauren being silly
Martha and Lauren being very silly!

Evie with bunny ears thanks to Lauren

Lauren, Martha and Evie
Lauren, Martha and Evie: the prettiest girl around!

From the great state of Kansas, I’ll say good-bye for now!

Be safe and God bless!

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