Jada: Waiting on the Wheat and Kaidence welcomes age 3!

The grueling 564 mile trip from Limon, Co to Gettysburg, SD went pretty well despite the length. We are happy to report only one set back which was minor. Jame’s air line exploded locking up his brakes. Smoke surrounded him, but he couldn’t stop right away due to the narrow, winding, hilly Nebraska roads we have to travel to get home. Upon inspection, Leon was able to quickly fix the problem and we were up and running in no time.

Stopped at a stop sign

Stopped at a stop sign on our long trip home. This winding, hilly trip is always dreaded by our team. Thankfully the temperature only got into the mid-80’s which made the trip easier for us.


Fuel in the air lines cause problems for James as we move

Leon, Theo and James inspect the airline and how they will fix it.
Leon switches out parts to fix the problem

Leon fixes the one minor problem we had while we moved.

Upon arrival to Gettysburg, a view showed the winter wheat wasn’t quite ready. We received a welcomed break after our move. However, it was short lived as we are too close to home to not take a trip to the farm. As we say, there’s always something to do on the farm. The guys have been busy with all kinds of projects with our cattle, in the shop and around our harvest equipment. Our biggest challenge has been our new grain carts. They were scheduled to arrive before harvest but that didn’t happen. The “monsters” are going to be a challenge to load. We are working on wrangling that challenge.

On a fuel break Kaidence greets the Sinclair Dino

Kaidence greets the Sinclair Dino on fuel stop in South Dakota.

We are greeted by a monster at home

Our new blue monsters greet us on the farm. They will be a challenge to load.

Today is a special day for Kaidence- she turns 3! Since her cousins are at a Farmer’s Union camp, we are going to celebrate her birthday on Thursday. The theme being no other than Disney’s Tangled. What 3 year old doesn’t love the latest version of Rupunzel? I have to admit I do too! She picked well.

Fun Fact: Kaidence was born in Colby, Kan. She also celebrated her birthday in Colby last year.

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