Steph: Gimme a break

Osowski Ag has halted progress for the last couple days. On Friday (July 6th), we ran into more green wheat mid-afternoon and were forced to close up shop for the remainder of the day. There are only so many samples you can take before you must stop being in denial and realize it is just too wet no matter what part of the field the combine cuts at. Our fields have been receiving some rain this weekend and it’s apparent how badly this entire area needs it so it’s hard not to be happy about it. You could hide buried treasure in the cracks in the ground for how deep they are.  This crew has not been complaining about the little break either.

Some crews around us have been trying samples and have been getting 17 percent or higher so looks like we’ll be waiting around another day or two to get back in the fields. Dad had me busy in town washing and greasing trucks today while he and Mom went out to check fields and equipment up by Chadron, Neb.

Harvest Tip: If the moisture is 18 percent on one side of the field, there’s a darn good chance it’ll be the same (or worse) on the other side.

SO-Whitney, Neb.

Dad and Brandon horsin’ around in the field.

SO-Whitney, Neb.

Chaff down the shirt. Have fun with that.

SO-Whitney, Neb.

Our farmer’s dog, Ruby.

SO-Whitney, Neb.

We may be out in the middle of nowhere but boy, is it beautiful country.

SO-Whitney, Neb.

Takin’ a stroll.

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