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Steph: Cross country journey

Up until today, we were making a 40 mile trip to the fields we have been cutting the last week up by Chadron, Neb. We would have moved our home base (the camper) but we didn’t anticipate it would take us as long as it did to cut the acres. Green wheat and rainfall will do that. We were able to finish up those acres and get our equipment moved back near Hemingford, Neb. Our yields averaged 25 bushels per acre.

At this point in the summer, we’ve got everything down to a science. We can load the header onto the trailer in around seven minutes. When going from field to field the first round, Brandon drives the combine, Dad drives service truck pulling header and I drive the grain cart. We all man (or in my case woman) our machine and hit the road. Once we get to the next field, we then backtrack for trucks. Moving back was definitely a hike though, let me tell ya. The country around Chadron is hilly and beautiful for sightseeing folk but not ideal for a roading harvest crew. We took highway for awhile and then hit a gravel road called Table Center the rest of the way. Let’s just say that I hit my head numerous times on the ceiling of the tractor during that portion of the route. It’s been so dry around here so it makes it difficult to keep the roads smooth.

Harvest Tip: If your fields are 40 miles apart, if will be worth your while to load equipment instead of roading it. I promise.

SO-Whitney, Neb.

Cutting our last field up north of Chadron, Neb.

SO-Whitney, Neb.

Gotta love irrigated wheat.

SO-Whitney, Neb.

My apologies for the distance, I didn’t want to scare him away. Deer trying to compete with the New Holland! 🙂

SO-Chadron, Neb.

Stopped at a scenic overlook for a quick bite on our way to the next field. Yeah, we were that hungry.

SO-Chadron, Neb.

Talk about a roadside picnic!

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