Jada: A birthday celebration by the river

Where have I been lately? Down by the river. We cannot cut so it’s time to have some fun! Kaidence turned 3 on Tuesday, July 10 and we had a birthday bash for her at my Parent’s cabin. It also was a way for our family to reunite after being away all summer.

Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Cousins, Parents, Auntie Tara, Friend Neveah and the crew helped celebrate Kaidence’s 3rd birthday. Since the theme was Tangled, we enjoyed playing pin Pascal on Rapunzel’s hand, received fake Tangled tattoos, watched Disney’s Tangled, took a swing at a Rapunzel pinata and dined on a plethora of food which included Tangled themed cakes.

Of course, we also enjoyed some river sports such as tubing, boating, jet skiing, rafting and lounging. While the later wasn’t completely Tangled related, I would say we celebrated with the same zest Rapunzel does when she first steps out of her tower in Disney’s Tangled. Below are a couple photos of our fun day.

We are hoping to get in the field the next couple days but harvest has taught me one thing- or is it Dad!? Enjoy the moments along the way because it can’t be all work and no play.

Kaidence and I

Me and my princess on her special day!

showing off our tattoos

Kaidence, Neveah, Brady and Bryce show off their body art.

Kaidence swings at her pinata

Kaidence swings at the pinata that wouldn’t die. Our saving grace was the top tore because the pinata was overfilled. Even my Grandma’s got a swing in and everyone took some candy home!

Kaidence claps for daddy

Good job Daddy! Bryce and Kaidence cheer on Leon’s attempt to pin Pascal in the correct spot- Rapunzel’s right hand.

The guys enjoy punch on the patio before we eat

The crew enjoys conversation and punch on the patio pre meal.

Kaidence and Nevaeh pose by Kaidences cakes

Kaidence and Neveah pose by Kaidence’s cakes. Yes, cakes- a dairy queen cake and a normal birthday cake made especially for Kaidence . Seems like overkill but we had to do a last minute rush to get enough cakes for our guests. Turns out the guys could even come to Kaidence’s party. Kaidence was excited!

The guys prep for water sports

Apparently you can fit the whole crew and a HUGE water floatie on a Ranger. Who knew?!

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