Steph: We’re home!

Osowski Ag has returned to the home country! We were able to make the journey complete yesterday evening, arriving around 7pm. After unloading the equipment and parking everything in a timely fashion, we were able to enjoy some time sitting out in our yard with both sets of grandparents while reminiscing about the summer.

Our travels weren’t as smooth as they could have been. Our first day traveling was done in 109 degree weather which made South Dakota seem like the biggest state in the US. As any custom harvester would know, South Dakota’s DOT laws are touchy. Unfortunately, we were stopped and they found some flaws in our caravan. I tried reasoning with them, pulling the “I write for High Plains Journal, we’re kinda famous” card only to end up “infamous” in the state of South Dakota.

Harvest Tip: If at all possible, be well prepared when approaching SDDOT weigh stations.

SO-South Dakota

The roads we travel south of Pierre, SD.

SO-South Dakota

Dad,  pounding the pavement.

SO-Kulm, ND


SO-Finley, ND

Goofing around and fueling up in Finley, ND like we do every year on our way home. I double checked with Mom before I added this one.. 🙂

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