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Jada: Harvest moves to Roscoe area

Today we moved on our farmer’s land in the Loyalton, SD area. If things go good, we’ll be moving home to harvest our own wheat. Unusually high humidity (around at 50%) and overcast skies have made the workdays shorter. However, it will not rain. We have received a couple sprinkles but nothing to satisfy our thirsty fall crops which get drier each day with the high temperatures we have been experiencing. We continue to harvest spring wheat which is averaging in the 50’s. Here are some photos of us in action.

With humidity around 50 percent and storm clouds above us all day long we thought it would rain but didnt

With high humidity and cloud cover, our nights have been cut short due to the wheat getting tough earlier.

Kaidence gets comfortable on her combine ride

Kaidence gets comfortable in the combine.

Montana gets comfortable in the combine

Montana follows suit and gets comfortable in his combine.

One of our new Kinze carts gets put to work

A view of one of our new carts in action. One was supposed to come along with us for the entire 2012 tour but an early harvest and a late ship time made them arrive in time for harvest on the home front.

The combines are bout ready to finish a field

The guys prepare to finish another field.

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