Jada: When two world collide chaos commences

While in Texas, we shamelessly nagged Kelly Campbell to come visit us while we were home for harvest. After it was all said and done she booked a flight and joined us this past week. It flew by! Just this week we received a visit from Oak’s parents and Kelly, celebrated my nephew Bryce’s 9th birthday with a Survivor themed party, Oak and Dave celebrated their birthday’s on July 25, had fun at the river, blew out a truck engine, said goodbye to James who had to go home for personal reasons, finished harvesting most of our ripe wheat at home and moved all but one of our combines to Regent, ND. The last items on the list happened today.

I am positive I missed some things on this list and that is why harvesting at home is CRAZY! It seems that when two worlds collide- our harvest world and home life- our schedules get out of whack. Things seem calmer while on the road or shall I say the chaos seems more organized!?  While I am sad to leave home, I am ready to get back on the road and back to some normalcy. My trip with the crew was delayed this morning as my pickup needed repairs that were delayed due to the parts needing to be ordered. Tomorrow, Kaidence and I will take the   3 1/2 hour trip to Regent alone. This is a rare occasion but once she is school aged, I am sure I will have to get used to this.

Three combines cutting in Bowdle

Cutting on the last ripe wheat field in Bowdle. Photo by Kelly Campbell

We move home just as the sun sets

Moving home from finishing our last ripe field just as the sun goes down. Photo by Kelly Campbell

Kaidence and Kelly photo op

Kelly and Kaidence take time for a quick photo op.

Birthday boys Oak and Dave had to share a cake

Dave and Oak both celebrated their birthday’s on July 25 so they had to share a cake. Thankfully they don’t look too mad. This is a first for us in our harvest history. Fun Fact: Theo and Dad also will share birthday’s on October 22. Photo by Candice Hoffman.

Dad and James enjoy each others company

Dad and James have a chat. This is bittersweet because he left for home the next day. His journey with us this year had to be cut short due to some personal business that needed to be tended to at home. He was a major asset to our team and will be greatly missed by us both in and out of the field. After working with someone for so long it feels like we are losing a family member or at least a close friend. We wish him luck on his new journey!

Harvest princesses Ali Thurman and Kaidence take advantage of the photo op

Harvest princesses, Ali of Thurman harvesting and Kaidence, enjoy some fun on the Pontoon.

Even the adults enjoy making smores

One of our traditions after being on the river is to make smores/ toasted marshmallows. This isn’t just for kids- even the adults enjoy it. Pictured here are my cousin Sean Hoffman with my dad Perry behind him, Greg Thurman, Hillary Simpson and Cheryl Thurman.

A river tradition making smores

Ali shows off her handiwork. Whoever invented campfire marshmallows was a genius!

Toasting marshmallows

Our firepit looks pretty as the sun goes down.

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