Z Crew: Lewistown and Denton, MT

Lewistown, MT – Since our last post, we’ve moved West in Montana to Lewistown. We’re cutting about 40 miles northwest of a small town called Denton. Every morning, Mom and Dad wake up early and drive out to the field and we don’t see them until about 10pm or 11pm. It causes some long, drawn out and uneventful days around the trailer house, so yesterday we took a trip way out to the field.

When we first arrived, Callie jumped in the combine with Dad while Taylor rode in the truck with Mom. It seemed like almost immediately they finished the wheat field they were cutting with the farmer, his wife, their son and their brother in law, and decided to move onto the adjoining barley fields. After some quick RPM adjustments to the combine they began the barley.

From there, the day went on pretty uneventful until the farmer’s wife (truck driver) accidentally dropped her handheld two way radio in the back of a full truck of grain! While unloading into the auger to move the grain into the bin, it took about an hour of slow unloading until the radio was located. The three running trucks were backed up in the yard anxious to dump, and for a few moments the combines were sitting solitary. It was a good moment when the radio was back in her hand!

Z Crew - lost 2way

Mom, our farmer and his wife keeping an eye out for the lost handheld.

Dusk started to roll around and Dad decided we better head back to the trailer. The road back to Lewistown from Denton is narrow and winding through valleys, hills, and the Judith Mountains. Afraid of meeting a deer head on, Taylor drove somewhere between 35mph and 50mph the entire 40 miles home! Thankfully, not a single deer was seen.  However, it did take an extra half hour to get back to the trailer house!

Until next time, we’ll be enjoying the 70 degree weather in this gorgeous little town!

Z Crew - square butte

Square Butte – North West of Denton, Montana

Z Crew - hills

Z Crew - group pic

Z Crew - northern elevators

Grain elevators like the one in the photo above are more often seen in country such as Canada and far Northern Montana.

Z Crew - moving combines

Dad and the farmer’s son, Cole, Moving the combines to the barley.

Z Crew - barley

It’s beautiful up in this country!

Z Crew - distant hills

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