Jada: Regent Recap

When we head to North Dakota, harvest seems to slow down. The days get shorter, it gets cooler and we know our daily routines through and through. One downfall to being in North Dakota is cell phone/ internet reception. Since our arrival to Regent, I have been having trouble posting. While the rural areas we cut in are not always conducive to technology, they are great places to cut. The people are friendly and the farming communities thankfully need people in our field of work to help them harvest their crops.

This stop marks our first taste of harvesting something other than wheat. We are able to get our headers in Canola. Canola is different to harvest than wheat. We use straight headers at this stop but you need to harvest it when it’s a little tough or the delicate crop will shatter once the header hits it. This means switching back to wheat in the heat of the day if the crop is too dry to cut. This hasn’t been an issue in the past; but, since we were there earlier than normal, it was also hotter than normal.

We received a few rain showers while we were in Regent but had only one day where we couldn’t cut due to the rain. August 6 was our last day of harvest in Regent. Yesterday, we moved to Rock Lake, North Dakota where we were greeted with 2 inches of rain. As soon as the crops dry, we will be able to start cutting.

Our Regent harvest went well despite the area receiving hail. The wheat crop averaged well in Regent at 55 to 60 while the hailed out wheat ranged around 20 – 35 bu. /ac.  Canola averaged around 35 bu. /ac. Whereas the hailed out canola yielded around 5 – 15 bu. /ac. Here are some photos of our harvest there.

The quirks of being split up the grain cart cant be everywhere

The quirks to being split up is the grain cart can’t be everywhere. It’s easy to take the grain cart for granted- you don’t realize how beneficial it is to have one until you don’t have one.

Oak shows us how much lbs he has on the grain cart

I visit with Oak in the grain cart who shows me how many pounds are currently on the grain cart. 

Oak prepares to dump on a truck holding the joy stick he uses to work the grain carts auger

Oak prepares to dump on a truck holding the joy stick he uses to work the grain cart’s auger.

harvesting wheat in Regent

Rain fell but only enough to keep us out of the field for a day. Those who were cutting canola were still able to harvest but the wheat was wet.

Regent ND is a popular hunting area and its easy to tell why theres pheasants everywhere

Regent is a popular hunting haunt and it’s easy to tell why. There were pheasants everywhere!

A little rain shower allows time for napping errr playing

Did I mention things slow down when we get to North Dakota?! The schedule allows time to nap err play?! Not sure which.

harvesting canola with straight headers

Two of our combines harvesting canola with straight headers. We will use pick-up headers to harvest canola in Rock Lake and in Canada.

Callum offers a quick photo op

It’s been awhile since we have seen Callum in the field.  It’s nice to not be split up anymore! It will be short lived as some of our crew will head to Canada to harvest when the crop is ready.

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