Jada: All in a days “to do” list

When you are busy harvesting, maintenance jobs that can be held off get added to a rainy day list. Today was the day to get to the list. Everyone was on our farmer’s farm working on our to do list- including Kaidence who was lured out there on the promise to see cats.

Around 4 p.m. we tested the wheat and took a sample to the elevator. The sample was around 13 % moisture but our stint harvesting was short lived. By the time I arrived with supper, we had to shut down as the moisture was too high. Tomorrow we hope to get in the field for a more normal day of harvest. Here are some photos of the chores completed today.

Theo Montana and Kaidence clean the combine windows

Theo, Montana, and Kaidence work on a daily maintenance duty- cleaning windows.
Bux opens up the trucks hood

Bux opens the hood on a truck so we can service it.

Montana checks the trucks oil and water levels

Montana checks the oil and water levels on the trucks.

Dave works on a door handle

Dave works on a door handle for a combine.

Dave works on the clean grain fan

Dave works on the clean grain fan because something was wrong with the sensor.

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