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Steph: You know what they say about all good things…

Osowski Ag Service has officially completed the 2012 wheat harvest. We had a 10 acre piece left this morning and finished with ease in a short time, leaving us time to road equipment back to our farm, clean up all the machines and put them in their homes (ever so temporarily) before bean harvest starts in the next couple weeks.  I know all of us correspondents have been raving about how early harvest is but it is still so hard to get over. Normally we would be starting bean harvest in late September and we will be long gone and done with it by that time this year. Sheer craziness.

One of our farmers this past week asked me “So are you ’bout tired of harvest and ready to wrap it up?” My answer? I live for this stuff. Harvest is that time of year that only happens once a year but everything we do the other months all revolves back to it. We share stories of our adventures year round to anyone who will listen. I thank everyone so very much for letting me tell our stories this summer. I absolutely loved any comments and emails I received in response to posts and hearing how they would spark memories in others from their harvest days. I have said it before but you really don’t know what harvest is like until you’ve been on it yourself and once you do, good luck not wanting to re-live it over and over again. This blog certainly comes close to living it. I would also like to thank our sponsors, especially High Plains Journal and Syngenta, for being given the opportunity to share our experiences.

I will be embarking on my third year of college at North Dakota State University next week, majoring in Agricultural Economics and a minor in Agricultural Communications. Since I’m at an ag school, our campus normally clears out on weekends in the fall because all us farm kids want “in” on harvest. I find myself making the 120 mile trip back home each weekend during bean, potato and sugar beet harvest to participate as much as I can. I have been given the green light to share an experience or two from these harvests with you on here so stay tuned for that!

Again, thanks to everyone who read and contributed to All Aboard! Till we take the combine another round, best wishes to all!

Harvest Tip: If you ever get the chance to work a summer for a harvest crew, don’t hesitate. It’s a contagious and addicting lifestyle.


Our AAWH crew photo, revisited.


Last field of 2012.


We have loved being apart of All Aboard! Thanks everyone!

All Aboard Harvest is sponsored by High Plains Journal and Syngenta. You can contact Stephanie at

  • Magne Kåre Tuhus
    Posted at 17:28h, 15 August

    Hello Steph! I`ve been following your blog with great fascination this summer.It`s an impressing operation you`re running.I`m living as a farmer in Norway so It`s interesting to read about “the farming that feeds the world”.I`m planning a trip to the midwest next summer to watch it with my own eyes and if possible follow a harvest crew for a few days.Just tell me if you need some extra help from a experienced combine driver a couple of weeks late july -early August next summer.Good luck with the school work and thank you for chearing your experiences.

  • Karen H
    Posted at 09:01h, 16 August

    Thank you for your time to share your harvest experience again. I have been following since this was started and all feel like family so I am going to wish you the best of luck at school and will be looking forward to your fall harvest posts. (Zeorians are relatives of ours, so I am always checking on here to see how they are doing).

  • Larry Rusco
    Posted at 11:12h, 16 August

    Really have enjoyed your weekly blogs about harvest. I’m a former Kansas farm boy who left the farm, but live harvest vicariously through your blogs. I’m sorry to see it over too.
    Good luck in college. You’ve got an ag journalism career in your future somewhere. Also enjoyed the pics. Your photography is amazing.
    Larry Rusco

  • Shelly Heimer
    Posted at 12:55h, 16 August

    Great pics and stories about harvest!

  • Steph Osowski
    Posted at 20:33h, 23 August

    Thanks everyone so much for the wonderful comments and feedback! It feels weird going from blogging throughout the week now back to school work. I definitely prefer my blogs, that’s for sure! Hope everyone has a great rest of the summer and make sure to check back every once in awhile for my posts on bean, potatoe and sugar beet harvest! 🙂