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Jada: A view from my driver’s seat

Jada_thumbnailWhen heading South we have fun checking out the wheat and seeing how things are progressing. Here are some pictures I was able to snap from the driver’s seat. I wish I would have started in South Dakota but the idea never occurred to me until a phone conversation with a friend.

We were prepared for things to be dry this year. Everyone is talking about it. In some places we were pleasantly surprised with how the wheat looks while in other places we saw proof that the wheat couldn’t flourish due to frost, hail and lack of moisture. Here are a few wheat snapshots of our journey. Please note that they are not the best of photos as I cannot stop but I hope it sets scene for you.

Wheat in Great Bend

Wheat in Great Bend, KS.

Wheat in Snyder area

Wheat in the Snyder, OK area.

Baled wheat was not an uncommon view in Oklahoma this year

Baled wheat was not an uncommon view in Oklahoma this year. I believe this is from the Davidson area.

Wheat in Weatherford

Wheat in the Weatherford, OK area.

Wheat in Oklaunion

Wheat in the Oklaunion, TX area.
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