Jada: Sunset views from the field

Jada_thumbnailI cannot leave a beautiful sunset photo out of a post. I just absolutely love them. This is one scene that will never grow old to my eyes….. wheat, machines and a setting sun as its backdrop- now if everyone really knew where their bread came from!

Since our arrival, I haven’t felt there was a lot of reporting to be done on crop updates. But once again our farmer, Mike, surprised me. Since our arrival, we have harvested fields that ranged from 10 bu/ ac. to 50 bu./ ac. but, today we are cutting fields that are averaging at 38 to 42 bu/ac.

Seeing the drought with my own eyes and knowing several farmers in this area did not have a crop to harvest makes this news amazing. Despite having all odds stacked against our farmer, he was blessed to have a  crop. Recently, Mike has switched to a no-till technique and feels that it has contributed to the success of his crop. Now, if the area could just receive some rain.

Here are some field photos.

sunset in our hopper

The sun sets in our hopper.

Look Mamma the sky is Pink!

Kaidence said, “Look Mama, the sky is Pink!”

Did I mention it was dry in Olney TX

Did I mention it was dry in Olney? It is so evident just how dry it is here. The ground is cracking like the desert.

I love sunset harvest photos

Another sunset photo.

A view of the field we are cutting

A hopper view of us cutting a field.

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