Z Crew: Quick Update on Oklahoma

headshot2Manley, NE- Dad and I have just returned from the 3 day trip to Oklahoma and I thought I’d give you an update on what we saw around the Shattuck, Okla. area.

Once you travel West of about Greensburg, Kansas the drought is very prevalent. There, the wheat crop doesn’t have the same green lushness as it does in the middle of the state. The same goes for the Western half of Oklahoma as far as we could see. We have about half of the job in Shattuck that we had last year. The other half of the farmer’s crop has been bailed or deemed not worth cutting because of the drought and four frosts that hit this spring. What is left to cut is still very green. It looks like we won’t be headed down with the second trip for about a week to ten days. In the meantime, the Z Crew will be busy loading the trailer house and prepping to hit the road!

Wind Farm, East of Shattuck, Okla.

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