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Jada: Rainfall Finally Hits Olney

Jada_thumbnailAfter many prayers, the Olney, TX area was blessed with rain. It rained 2 inches in Olney and 3 inches where we were cutting (near Megargel). The rain gave us a two day respite which we took full advantage of.

We were able to go to Wichita Falls to buy supplies and have some fun, get caught up on sleep, visit the campground neighbors and celebrate our Annual Campbell Cookout. This year we feasted on several dips, jalapeno poppers, salad, grilled ribs and chicken and last but certainly not least…. Julie’s famous peach cobbler with, of course, Blue Bell ice cream. Yum!

The 3rd rain day, the guys headed out to field in the morning to do some much needed maintenance work. They came into town for awhile then around 5 p.m. were able to start harvesting. You can tell it rained because the fields were a little muddy! You could also smell the moisture in the air. We also received an inch of rain this morning which kept us out of the field. While the rain hasn’t necessarily helped with the drought- a double digit amount would be required to put a dent in the issues it has created- the rain has sure put a smile on everyone’s face.

Kaidence with Brandon Addison and Mandy of Daniel Westerman Harvesting

We received a visit from Robert Westerman Harvesting. Pictured here is Robert’s nephew Brandon, Kaidence holding their youngest crew member, Addison, and her mother, Mandy.

The boys cut around the field

After a two- almost three- day respite we were back in the fields at 5 p.m.

A view of the ground after 3 inches of rain

The fields are wet after 2- 3 inches of rain. Muddy tracks are a welcomed view to everyone here- not just 3 year olds!

Another sunset photo

The sun goes down but we were still able to cut to our surprise. 

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